• Brad Slessor, VP New Ventures & U.S. Operations, Keyera Corp.
  • MaryKate Houk, VP Global Talent, The Mosaic Company
  • Bill Johnson, President, Operations at DCP Midstream
  • Digital Transformation Leader, Global Mining Executive
  • Billy Mawasha, CEO, Kolobe Nala Investment
  • Mark Cutifani, Chief Executive, AngloAmerican

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is individualized to your own set of work and leadership dynamics.

How do successful executives perpetuate their trajectory of success?

Using Levels of Work as a foundation, our approach helps executives realize the time span and scope of their leadership behaviors.

Our Executive Coaching will help you move from functional leadership to corporate leadership and from operational management to strategic management.

Custom tailored topics include risks and opportunities, political climate, strategic relationships, economics, leadership behaviors, executive teams, and processing the complex external world as it relates to business strategy.

Let’s discuss how Executive Coaching will enable a greater range of knowledge, perspective and competency for you or your next-generation successor...


Mark Cutifani, Chief Executive, AngloAmerican

I've worked with Gideon and the team for many years. He has always kept the organisation and himself on the cutting edge of what’s new and how old problems can be viewed from new and different perspectives. In these changing times, we have both new and old problems that always need new and different perspectives. If you are open to be challenged and willing to think beyond the box, an hour with Gideon is always worth the investment.