• Brad Slessor, VP New Ventures & U.S. Operations, Keyera Corp.
  • MaryKate Houk, VP Global Talent, The Mosaic Company
  • Bill Johnson, President, Operations at DCP Midstream
  • Digital Transformation Leader, Global Mining Executive
  • Billy Mawasha, CEO, Kolobe Nala Investment
  • Mark Cutifani, Chief Executive, AngloAmerican

Scenario Planning

Scenario Planning goes far beyond ordinary strategic planning.

Now, more than ever, Scenario Planning is key to business survival.

While not a crystal ball exercise, the process of identifying various Scenarios helps industry leaders really focus their thinking on what’s important for their company.

It helps identify a range of possible and specific maneuvers for each Scenario. And it helps build an arsenal of strategic options.

Our unique Scenario Planning process is for leadership teams who want to add more depth and dimension to their strategic initiatives.

Let’s discuss how our unique process of Scenario Planning can benefit your company, far beyond ordinary methods of strategic planning...


Billy Mawasha
CEO, Kolobe Nala Investment
Former CEO, Kumba Iron Ore, AngloAmerican

Gideon helped our executive team understand the value of scenario planning and digitization. The VCI team supported us in developing and implementing a technology roadmap!