• Brad Slessor, VP New Ventures & U.S. Operations, Keyera Corp.
  • MaryKate Houk, VP Global Talent, The Mosaic Company
  • Bill Johnson, President, Operations at DCP Midstream
  • Digital Transformation Leader, Global Mining Executive
  • Billy Mawasha, CEO, Kolobe Nala Investment
  • Mark Cutifani, Chief Executive, AngloAmerican


Strategy is key to success in the short-term and the long-term.

Corporate Strategy is a Board approved document, owned by the CEO, that leverages the core competencies of the organization to future value based on the executives’ view of unfolding industry and global dynamics.

Your Corporate Strategy also establishes what new competencies should be acquired or developed to align with new revenue streams, ecosystem relationships and cost parameters.

Your Corporate Strategy should point to increased revenue tracks based on your positioning, portfolio, ecosystem, and last but not least, your values and culture.

Essentially this is a quest to near-zero marginal cost in executing work.

Let’s discuss how our approach to crafting your Corporate Strategy can successfully change your business operating model…


President, Operations at DCP Midstream

When we launched our DCP 2.0 transformation initiative, VCI helped us focus not just on a large-scale strategic evolution, but also how to connect the dots on the tactical level to accelerate margin optimization and internal efficiencies. We are now a recognized global leader of transformation in our industry with people and systems in place continuing to drive our success.

Digital Transformation Leader, Global Mining Executive

Gideon has a unique understanding of what it takes to drive real transformation in business.